Render flags

Our visualization embeds support “render flags” to change the behavior of the embedded visualization. They can be used to enforce dark mode, disable all interactive elements, or hide the header and footer of a chart. Here's the list of all supported render flags:

FlagExample valueDescription
dark true, false, "auto"For enforcing/disabling the dark mode, or activating the automated dark mode
plain true, falseIn plain mode, the visualization will be shown without the header and footer.
search any textCan be used to pre-fill the search box in visualizations that support search (currently only tables)
static true, falseIn static mode, any interactive elements in the visualization will be disabled and links will show up as normal text.
logo "on", "off"If your custom theme includes a logo, this flag can be used to force the logo to be shown or hidden
logoId any textIf your theme defines multiple logos, you can use this flag to define which logo to show
transparent true, falseIf set to true the visualization background will be set to transparent instead of the defined theme background.

How to set render flags in embed codes?

You can set render flags by appending them as URL parameters in the embed code:

<iframe src="" ...></iframe>